Sunday, December 9, 2012

Home stretch.

Monday I was looking for comfort. I decided on a floral top from Target and a collared top underneath. I absolutely love peter pan collars and the collar on this little white top is perfect for layering under sweaters. I wore leggings for comfort and my tan heeled boots. 

Thursday my goal was also comfort, as it has been lately as I push through these last few weeks of school and now preparing for finals. My dark red leggings were worn over a 3/4 sleeve tunic top. I love the oversize shape of this top and the color is perfection paired with black and the deep red color.

Wednesday I opted to wear my heattech shorts from Uniqlo. I love the comfy knit and the winter design on the short. I wore a chunky lime green cardigan for warmth although the day was fairly mild. My silver flats completed the look. Lately, although I am a fan of boots I have loved the idea of tights and flats!

Tuesday I went for a quick skate in the morning. I wore leggings and a mix of black, blue, and grey layers for warmth. It was really warm out and I was completely shocked! It was perfect for skating. I am a huge fan of hats and this one was perfect for some time out on the ice.

This day I opted to wear a grey striped dress over leggings. The look was pretty simple and boring so I threw on my high hot pink socks for a splash of color! The socks really brighten up the look! Plus, the extra warmth is always great!

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