Sunday, December 2, 2012


Monday I wore a pleated tunic dress that is a shiny peach color. It features jewels along the neckline and a striped chunky cardigan on top. This dress is super comfortable for a Monday full of class and meetings but still chic.

Tuesday I did homework all day. Hence the messy hair and the no make-up face. I wore my extra large Legalize Gay t-shirt from American Apparel. I love the purple color and the top is perfect with leggings. I love this shirt because I am such a supporter of Gay rights. I believe that everyone should be treated as equals! 

Wednesday I wore a button up tan dress. With my light blue tights for a pop of color. This look was slightly boring but I enjoy anything that involves color rights and collars! I had to add the scarf for warmth cause it's starting to get extremely chilly!

Thursday I finally went ice skating for the first time this season!! I bundled up with about five layers of basic leggings and long sleeve and turtle neck shirts. But I did wear my pink wool coat skating. Which some may think of as silly but I know how to stay up on my feet when skating so I didn't have to worry about falling on the ice! I don't let any occasion get in the way of my style so I threw on a pair of thigh high grey socks for a little bit of style!

Friday I had an interview at the Wendy William's Show for a Wardrobe Intern position. The interview went well! I wore my new grey wool trousers with a tucked in black top and a cheetah belt for some flair. My pink flats added some color and my white scarf off set the dark colors! Although I am a huge dress and skirt fan I couldn't help myself but purchase these awesome trousers when I saw them at Forever 21. They are perfect for Fall days when I need to wear business casual attire!

Yesterday, I wore an all black and white look. A little black tank dress under my white chunky cardigan and a print scarf on top for a little mix. I did wear my pink coat when I went outside but I enjoy a basic look every once in a while!

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