Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

For my first day back at work I wore a ruffle pale pink dress. With a black tie top shirt and a scarf which I received for my birthday last year from my best friend. My grey boots completed the look!

This day the power went out! But I still decided to get dressed with a magenta button up top. I am obsessed with the leather collar and cuffs! I wore it over my white lace dress with black leggings and boots. 

To work on Saturday I wore a multicolored sheer tunic top with black basics underneath. For another pop of color I wore my bright blue belts and a white cardigan for warmth. As you can tell I am all about collars lately and this half button up is perfect. 

Sunday I wore an oversize chiffon top from American Apparel. I love the black and white stripes. The peter pan collar is my fave and I added a white necklace to the mix. Purple tights were my addition of color this day.

For Christmas Eve I wore a mix of red and gold. My gold jeans were a great pant for the cold day. My black and white button up went well with the color mix. And the red cardigan popped with the gold jeans. This unique color combo is perfect for the holiday season.

For Christmas I decided to go with an eclectic mix of leather, red, and plaid. The leather shorts from Forever 21 are perfect over any colored tight. The plaid is perfect for the holiday and the mix went together well. Although my photo was a little awkward I think you get the idea of what I was going for with this look. 

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home sweet home.

Now that I am finally home I can get back to blogging regularly. Oh how I have missed this! I hope to bring my readers some inspiration during these next few weeks. I hope to plan some great cold weather looks to inspire my readers that just because it is cold does not mean you have to wear the same old sweatshirt and jeans! Here are a few looks from the past week and a half!

In the midst of finals I wore a pair of sweatpants which NEVER happens. I got a new pair of grey leg warmers from American Apparel and really wanted to wear them. I think they are perfect for the cold weather and can't wait to wear them over my tights. 

Te next comfy look I put together consisted of this oversize brown sweater. I love the big buttons and the cozy color. Worn with a pair of black leggings and boots for overall comfort.

Over the weekend I had a Christmas party to attend. I was super excited to wear this new dress from Urban Outfitters. The print features red and blue old cars. I love the black piping and the bow at the collar. I wore my red ankle boots to match the print and also they are a perfect color for the holiday season!

For my last day at school I put on my oversize top with a black scarf. For some color I wore my purple striped thigh high socks over my liquid leggings for some edge. I had three finals this day so comfort was my main priority but this look is chic and the socks give it a trendy feel.

Today, December 19th is my five year anniversary of dating my boyfriend! We spent the day out at the mall, then at the movies, and lastly at dinner. It was a fun filled day and I was happy to spend it with my best friend. I wore a grey striped dress under a pink metallic top. My black ankle boots were perfect with the look. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Home stretch.

Monday I was looking for comfort. I decided on a floral top from Target and a collared top underneath. I absolutely love peter pan collars and the collar on this little white top is perfect for layering under sweaters. I wore leggings for comfort and my tan heeled boots. 

Thursday my goal was also comfort, as it has been lately as I push through these last few weeks of school and now preparing for finals. My dark red leggings were worn over a 3/4 sleeve tunic top. I love the oversize shape of this top and the color is perfection paired with black and the deep red color.

Wednesday I opted to wear my heattech shorts from Uniqlo. I love the comfy knit and the winter design on the short. I wore a chunky lime green cardigan for warmth although the day was fairly mild. My silver flats completed the look. Lately, although I am a fan of boots I have loved the idea of tights and flats!

Tuesday I went for a quick skate in the morning. I wore leggings and a mix of black, blue, and grey layers for warmth. It was really warm out and I was completely shocked! It was perfect for skating. I am a huge fan of hats and this one was perfect for some time out on the ice.

This day I opted to wear a grey striped dress over leggings. The look was pretty simple and boring so I threw on my high hot pink socks for a splash of color! The socks really brighten up the look! Plus, the extra warmth is always great!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Monday I wore a pleated tunic dress that is a shiny peach color. It features jewels along the neckline and a striped chunky cardigan on top. This dress is super comfortable for a Monday full of class and meetings but still chic.

Tuesday I did homework all day. Hence the messy hair and the no make-up face. I wore my extra large Legalize Gay t-shirt from American Apparel. I love the purple color and the top is perfect with leggings. I love this shirt because I am such a supporter of Gay rights. I believe that everyone should be treated as equals! 

Wednesday I wore a button up tan dress. With my light blue tights for a pop of color. This look was slightly boring but I enjoy anything that involves color rights and collars! I had to add the scarf for warmth cause it's starting to get extremely chilly!

Thursday I finally went ice skating for the first time this season!! I bundled up with about five layers of basic leggings and long sleeve and turtle neck shirts. But I did wear my pink wool coat skating. Which some may think of as silly but I know how to stay up on my feet when skating so I didn't have to worry about falling on the ice! I don't let any occasion get in the way of my style so I threw on a pair of thigh high grey socks for a little bit of style!

Friday I had an interview at the Wendy William's Show for a Wardrobe Intern position. The interview went well! I wore my new grey wool trousers with a tucked in black top and a cheetah belt for some flair. My pink flats added some color and my white scarf off set the dark colors! Although I am a huge dress and skirt fan I couldn't help myself but purchase these awesome trousers when I saw them at Forever 21. They are perfect for Fall days when I need to wear business casual attire!

Yesterday, I wore an all black and white look. A little black tank dress under my white chunky cardigan and a print scarf on top for a little mix. I did wear my pink coat when I went outside but I enjoy a basic look every once in a while!

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