Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st.

On Wednesday it was very mild outside for a day in January. So to put me in the mood for Spring I wore a light pink printed top. I love the lightweight flowy fabric this tunic is made of. Its comfortable and the perfect length to wear with leggings. I put on my new black boots and stacked some bracelets next to my watch. It was a perfect comfortable look for the first day of classes. 

As I was trying on looks to wear for my birthday next Friday I noticed a shadow cast on 
the floor of my heels. I thought it was such a cool photo I had to capture it on my phone! 

Yesterday I wore my animal print cardigan buttoned up. This is one of my favorite cardigans to wear as a dress with leggings. I put on my black boots and a purple scarf for a little flair. Sometimes a 
buttoned up sweater can make the perfect dress/tunic. It can be very flattering and comfortable. 

Have a happy weekend!

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