Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tunics & Leggings.

This oversize sweater is perfect with leggings and flats for a fall fashion look. This sweater from H&M and leggings from Target make for a great low price yet fashionable look. These penny loafers make
a more sophisticated look and hair pulled back with a scarf adds some dimension to the cozy look.

This day I wore my liquid leggings which look like a faux leather. I wore an oversize 
shirt from forever 21 which is made from a super soft fabric. My printed scarf matches 
the grey ankle boots for another cozy fall look.  You could purchase a similar 
pull over sweater in the mens department for a menswear inspire look.

My last look features a sheer tunic instead of a sweater. This long tunic from TJ Maxx is perfect with
my velvet American Apparel leggings. I wore them with my penny loafers again and a knit houndstooth scarf. Although I love long sweaters with leggings a sheer tunic can look extremely delicate and pretty. And this orange color is perfect for the fall season. 

Leggings + Tunics + Scarf = Perfect Fall Look.

Tune back soon for another post! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Time to start doing some shopping at Target! Nicely done.


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