Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Amethyst.

Although I prefer to wear dresses I always tend to gravitate towards jeans on the weekends. Mostly because I am sitting around doing homework and watching television. Or in todays case watching tons of fashion shows online including some live stream from New York Fashion Week. I love this grey tie dye jeans because the are a bit different from the regular pair of blue jeans. Today I paired them with a black sweater with fringe sleeves. This sweater is very comfortable yet still fun and visually interesting. I always wore a purple scarf and my black Report boots. I surprisingly have been wearing my hair back in a pony tail lately more than ever. The title of my post is black amethyst because it is the name of the perfume I am wearing today!

I am busily working on planning a fashion show for Student Fashion Society here at school. But besides that I am working on setting up an internship which I can do over the summer for college credit. I have been very busy and have been trying to immerse myself in as many fashion projects and challenges as possible. I will hopefully be attempting to design for my first fashion show ever in May. I am also modeling at that show as well. It is amazing being involved in so many aspects of fashion shows for a variety of different shows as well. I am excited to announce that I have been accepted as a Teen Vogue Fashion Click blogger! Thanks to everyone for reading and following. :)

(Outfit details: Boots- Report, Jeans- Jake Jeans,
Sweater- Forever 21, Scarf- Unknown)


  1. you look great :)))


  2. love your acid washed jeans!

    i just started following you ;)

  3. Awh you wear the jeans great!! I could never ever pull anything like that off, you look fanastic.

  4. i looooooove your black fringed sweater :)


  5. I loooooooooooooooooooooove the jeans so much D:

  6. very cute! i love your scarf :)

  7. Hi there,

    Your blog is very nice, great outfits. Please come and have a look at my fashion blog PRETTY PORTOBELLO .

    See you soon.

  8. I just love your jeans dear! Adorable. <3

    xx Bonnie

  9. I love the pants!! Check out my blog at:


  10. Very cute photos- I love the library setting!
    Huge congrats on Teen Vogue : )

  11. I love those jeans! xxxx


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