Friday, February 4, 2011

A little bit of crazy.

I wore one of my crazier looks today but wearing one of my favorite tunic tops over a pair of bloomer shorts and my grey tights. I love the mix of bright colors and my tall black socks. I also love the 70's feel of this top with the colors and the print. I also decided to part my hair more towards the center today which is a subtle change but something different for me. I also wanted to show you my new backpack which you can see in the last photo!

I am currently working on several projects. I am set designer for my schools Spring Fashion show in April which brings along a ton of responsibilities which I am trying to juggle. I am also thinking about designing a look for a fashion show in May back home. I have to have a decision made by February 28th because it is the last day to apply. I am also currently working on setting up an internship back home for the summer. Add up all that and school work and my life is a crazy mess! Thankfully my birthday is soon and I will be getting ready to go on break in two weeks. :)

(Outfit details: Top- Liberty of London for Target, 
Shorts- Tracy Feith for Target, Boots- Unknown, Socks- Target, 
Scarf- Unknown, Backpack- AmeriLeather)


  1. cute top! I love all the colours :)


  2. i totally love your top! great blog!


  3. Your top is really cute!
    this is so weird, but i love libraries. Mainly cuz of the smell from old book heheh

  4. Fabulous pairing the thick grey tights with the black thigh highs! This look is fabulous!


  5. really nice place to take the pics :D
    love your outfit!
    If you like, check out my Guess Giveaway

    love cassie,

  6. This backpack is so cool! It looks great with the outfit!

    I don't know if you care about blog awards, but if you do: I tagged you for the versatile blogger award. Click here for the details. :)

  7. Okay everything about this is really so adorable. And I am a bit in love with the 70S and these seems like something perfect for out of the late 60S or early 70S. I love the flirty bloomers peaking out from the bold dress, and the layered tights add dimension. This is just so perfect, can you please just pack up this outfit and mail to to me? Thanks ;D



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