Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have picked out 9 outfits to wear while I am home. I tried to pick some simple things that I wouldn't have too much time packing and that would be easy to match a single pair of boots or a sweater with. Packing is always so difficult I always want to pack way more than I will ever need and I feel as if I am always forgetting something. I go home tomorrow which is really exciting because it has been a while. Hopefully I will get the chance to post tomorrow but I have all morning to sit around and wait until class so it should not be too much of a challenge. 

Today is my wonderful boyfriends birthday so of course I must say Happy Birthday to him! We haven't done anything for out birthdays or Valentines day yet, we agreed on celebrating once we were home where we won't have to sit in our dorm rooms or take a bus to go somewhere!

I wore a cream colored dress today which is a new addition to my wardrobe. I feel like a light colored dress in either white or cream is an essential in my closet. It is perfect for any time of the year and can be worn alone or with many layers. I chose to wear a purple scarf today as well as my black cardigan for some warmth. I also am able to wear my sheer dot tights today because it is almost 50 degrees. It is scary to think about how warm that is now when in a few months it will be 70 and I will be dying for some cool air. I want to thank everyone for reading. I am now past 150 followers which is truly amazing! :)

(Outfit details: Dress & Cardigan: Target, 
Tights- H&M, Boots- Olsenboye, Scarf- Unknown)


  1. I love the combination here! The tights with the dress are adorable, and it says spring is coming while still being warm for winter! LOVE! <3CC

    PS. Happy Birthday, Ben!

  2. Congratulations for this blog.
    See mine too :
    I am your new follower.
    If you like mine, please do the same.
    Great regards
    Juan Cuatrecasas
    Bilbao, Spain

  3. YAY! Thanks for the follow Isabella! I love polka dottie tights. They are my fave, wore mine so much that they got holes and runs in them. Now I love them more!

  4. Love Target finds! aha, love the tights! What a great outfit :)

  5. Hi Sara,
    Congratulations on becoming a Teen Vogue Blogger! All of us at Jake jeans are very happy & proud of you. Continued success!!
    Jay Heidhues - President/CEO Jake jeans

  6. I love the dress and tights!

  7. you look great :)))

  8. Your dress is so pretty and who can say no to polka dot tights I love them :)

  9. adorable outfit! I love those tights! great blog and sense of style


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