Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Running on low.

My batteries were running on low when I was attempting to take these photos this morning at the library. Of course I kept running into crowds of people so I wandered around the library aimlessly looking for a spot. Of course once I actually found one my camera turned off and my batteries were dead. On the bright side I ended up realizing that I didn't like the boots I was wearing when I took the photos at the library. Once I got back to my room I ended up changing and taking some more photos with my tan ankle moccasins which although may make me look more like a freak I like much better than the black boots. 

I already have received some strange looks from people today because most people on campus are not used to anyone wearing bright orange tights. I hope this goes to show that I can wear whatever I want whether others think I look like a freak or not. I was trying to channel the 70's today with this look and I think I succeeded this corduroy dress has a lovely pattern set on navy. I then decided to wear the bright orange tights which I have never worn before. Paired with my ankle booties this look was complete. The weather is surprisingly looking up today but we will see if that lasts! Thank you for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Dress- GO international, Tights- Target, Boots- Minnetonka)


  1. I want red tights too!!! :) Do you use self timer or is someone taking the outfit photos for you? :)


  2. That dress is adorable and so is your blog. Following!

  3. I love the clash of colors!!! And the moccasins do look better, more 70's than the boots, also let's more of the orange from the tights glow whereas the boots tend to tone it down some. DO you have bottomless closet by chance? :-)

  4. i dont speaking english, but i your like style!

  5. Ah, your dress is gorgeous... and I love that you paired it with orange tights. It looks fabulous!


  6. im following!!!
    i love your dress!! you look amazing!!


  7. Haha, I know what you mean with those strange looks ! Everytime I wear a skin colored tights, everyone looks at me like I'm an idiot, because it's still freezing here. They think I'm not wearing tights I guess, haha
    But anyway, Great outfit !

  8. I like these tights with the print of the dress! Lovely.
    p.s. following you!

  9. you are SO cute! i love that you took photos at the library. those tights are wonderful as well.

  10. Very 60s , really fab colours !

  11. yes who cares what people think thats what i always say!

    love the tights, colored tights for the win!! yay!


  12. I love this! It's so colorful and wonderful.
    I agree that the brown ankle mocs give the outfit a different vibe then the black boots. Kind of boho and carefree. Keep rocking the unique frocks! :)

  13. Is everyone here blind??


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