Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's my birthday.

Hello readers! Todays post will be quick since it is my birthday and I want to spend some time off the computer!  I turn 20 today which is extremely exciting. I am no longer a teenager! Today I wore a new pink lace dress with a black cardigan and my houndstooth scarf. I also wore some silver accessories including a bracelet and some earrings! I hope you enjoy your day and for my birthday you could enter my giveaway! It would be the best present in the world. :)


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm so excited to turn 20! You look so pretty and I am loving that dress!

  2. A perfect outfit for the day! The colors are a great match and your accesories are the most fitting! Happy Birthday Miss Sara!!! Hope it's the best ever!!! :-)

  3. Thank you !
    I love the shoes, and of course ; Happy Birthday !

  4. Happy Birthday :)love the outfit ♥


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