Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tie Dye Jeans - Lots of snow.

There is SO much snow on the ground! It is insane. Well I did a little bit of shopping today but didn't pick up anything too exciting. A few things for summer. I ended up wearing a simple pink shirt and my tie dye jeans and black boots. I never feel the need to dress up when I am home because I rarely do much at all. But anyways I bought a playsuit/romper, a shirt, and a skirt! Not too bad I guess. I think I am gonna save the rest of my money to go shopping for spring/summer items. The spring and summer clothes are out but it just isn't close enought to warm weather here to even bother looking. I think come April break it will be perfect spring shopping time. I don't have much money so I want to make sure I buy those few special items I want for summer. I feel the need to ramble on and on today. I am not even sure if anyone really reads this! I believe some people look at the photos only!

I really have the urge to write a book about my take on fashion. Not that it would EVER get published but maybe when I get back to school i'll start typing away some ideas about my fashion ideals, photography, blogging, and all that nonsense I have gotten in to! I really love learning about fashion and being a fashion major. It makes every day so exciting. I love collecting clothes, and accessories it always makes me happy. But enough of my nonsense its time for dinner! Hope you had a great day! :)

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