Monday, September 27, 2010

Break from the rain.

I sneaked outside earlier when the rain let up. Of course it started raining shortly after I finished but I was happy to get some pictures taken. Today I wore a purple patterned dress with a black cardigan on top belted with my gold belt from the Salvation Army. I also wore my black boots to keep my feet dry. My white scarf also helped keep my neck warm! 

I have started packing and all I can say is sorry for my boring outfits the next few days while I am home. Almost everything I packed is plain so that I can mix and match pieces together without having to bring too much home. I have such a hard time packing light because I am always thinking "well what if I want those shoes..or those shoes" and then I end up packing everything. I might just be lazy while I am home and wear jeans and t-shirts but a few days of lounging won't hurt! Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Beautiful dress!!!! Nice boots and I want that scarf! :-) Aww, no show of the outfit with the coat and purse? although I suppose that could get a bit toasty. Your leaves are already coloring that much and falling?!! Ours have just barely started to turn! :-(

  2. this outfit is really really nice :)


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