Monday, September 20, 2010


I can't wait to get my Swag bag from the Broadway on Broadway performance! There are several things I am waiting to get in the mail and that is just one of them. Today was a nice sunny day here in Oneonta which was quite surprising. It was a bit chilly as usual but the temperature is supposed to increase tomorrow and for a few days this week. I have a ton of school work that needs to be done and some other work I should do as well.

Today I wore a white dress from Target it is quite old but one of my favorites to wear. I wore my new grey sweater from Forever 21 and a pink scarf and necklace. I love layering and when the temperatures drop a little more you will see more and more layers! As for now I have to go work on some homework before my meeting! Hope you had an awesome day. :)


  1. Great look! Loved the pics from the fashion show also.

  2. i love that dress, so cute! and im a big fan of layering too.


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