Thursday, September 9, 2010

Liberty in the Rain.

It was quite the rainy day today. I woke up early again to take photos but it was raining so I had to go back inside and wait a half hour before trying again. Eventually it did clear up a little but it did drizzle on and off all day. But that's enough about the weather. Classes were way too long and boring today but I am super glad it is going to be Friday.

Today I wore a Liberty for London top that I got on sale at Target. I wore it once before as you may remember if you've been reading for a while. This time I paired it with jean shorts and some black tights. Also since it was chilly I wore a purple zip up sweatshirt from Forever 21 which gave the look a relaxed feel. I would like to thank everyone for reading and commenting recently. You've all made me a very happy blogger! :)


  1. I gave you a blogging award! stop by to get it:

  2. Sara,
    I enjoyed your hair today. Also you are pretty. I love you.

  3. Great combo there! You have the greatest hair ever I swear! Is it getting cold where you are already?

  4. you look absolutely adorable doll!


  5. YOu look fab! Love the top. :)

  6. Very cute top and nice photos too :)


I will do my best to return comments and follow your blogs as well!

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