Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cold pains.

I had a ton of photos but when I got back to my room I realized just how miserable I looked in all of them because I was freezing cold. I seriously thought my fingers were going to fall off they were so cold. I must either take my photos inside tomorrow or dress a lot warmer. Some of my work is settling down now that it is getting closer to the end of the week. After tomorrow I should be all set as far as work goes. I am going home this weekend because I am in a fashion show that I am super excited about! I have a fairly busy day tomorrow but it is more than doable. I am trying to get the news out on campus about being a mark. representative. I have been making posters and passing out business cards but haven't gotten too much business yet. If you live in the United States then feel free to visit my mark. e-boutique! My sincere apologies to my international readers! I wore my long blue dress because I had to dress up for a speech today. I also through on some black flats and a black sweater to take my photos in the chilly temperatures! I promise a more exciting look tomorrow! :)

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