Friday, September 10, 2010

In the mix.

Next week is going to be quite the busy week for me. I have tons of school work due that includes a speech, short essay, and midterm exam. On top of school work I have meetings twice a week. I also am going home a week from today next Friday for a fashion show that I am in. I am super excited for this show because it is a "Variety Circus" meaning there is going to be tons of different acts. I am modeling a Halloween costume for The Costumer a costume shop and some accessories for Joleen Button a designer who I have walked for before.

I decided to wear a combination of things I wouldn't normally wear today. I am trying to match some more pieces together to make more unique looks. Today I wore my sheer dot tights from H&M with a dark red button up dress from Target. On top of that I layered my long black sweater that I thrifted from Goodwill. I also wore a layered chain necklace and a white scarf. This look was perfect for today because fall is definitely kicking in. I wore my new green oxfords as well. I love the mix of colors in this look because it is the perfect combination for fall. The deep red mixed with the olive oxfords and layered metals were superb. Thanks for reading and commenting! Feel free to become a fan of my blog on Facebook! :)


  1. Awesome!! The scarf and necklace do so much for it!!!! Great dress and my sister loves the tights!

  2. love how you mix everything... :)

  3. Oh I love the combo of the dress and shoes, the colours look great together!


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