Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broken promises.

I am very very sorry that I have no outfit photos today. I didn't wear a particularly great look today just jeans and a cardigan. I decided to share with you a DIY idea. The necklace I wore today is made out of old tights. All you have to do is wash your old tights (they can be old ripped ones) and then cute the leg off. Then cut the tights in long strips so that it is no longer a tube. Take one of those strips and stretch it out partially. The last step is to knot the tights as many times as you want and tie it into a bow to finish it off. I made mine an appropriate length so that I could double it around my neck! You can use any color tights but I chose black for a basic look!

The above photo is from Saturday morning when I went apple picking with my parents and Ben. :)

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  1. It's ok if you don't do outfit posts every single day! The idea for the necklace olut of old tights is a great one! All the old ones that my sister doesn't wear anymore and has laying around, now she can actually DO something with them! :-)


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