Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gold in the cold.

I couldn't get too many good photos of my outfit today because the library was filled with people sitting in all the nooks and corners I like to go to take my photos. So I snapped a few and I realized the lighting wasn't too great. I also realized that my arms look weird in this sweater but thats alright! I probably will not post tomorrow because I have a busy busy day! But I hope you stop by in the meantime and check out my posts! I wore my gold leggings from Hue today as well as an over sized black top and my red lace cardigan! I love this outfit overall but it does not translate through photos very well! Thanks for reading I will be posting my giveaway soon! :)

(Outfit details: Leggings- Hue, Cardigan- Target, 
Boots- Report, Top- Unknown)


  1. I love that cardigan!! it is so cute. I also love libraries, haha ;) definitely following! I love your blog :)


  2. Looooove it:)


  3. oh i love yoru cardigan, lace is just so darn pretty!!

  4. I've been looking for a lace cardigan like that! Actually, I think I saw it at Target but didn't get it for some reason, and now they're gone. :( Cute outfit though! I really like the leggings too.

    xox Courtney Michele

  5. Hey Isabella! I tagged you in the Versatile Blogger Award, because I'm so totally in love with your blog :D
    Here's the link:

  6. I really like the colors in this outfit! The lace cardigan is so cool and cute!

  7. Fed stil og dejlig blog!

    - Maria Christine


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