Friday, January 28, 2011

Whip my hair.

Staying in watching Step up 3 with some friends tonight. I am so glad to be done with school for the week. I have a bunch of assignments to do but thats what Sundays are for. I wore a quick put together look today. I changed my scarf halfway through the day because this one was way to bulky. I wore a red button up dress with leggings and  my oversize grey cardigan. I may or may not post tomorrow but I will be back in action for sure on Monday! :)

(Outfit details: Dress, leggings, necklace- Target, 
Cardigan- Old Navy, Scarf & Boots- Unknown)


  1. love your boots, they're super cute!


  2. You have been awarded! Check out my blog to claim your award :)

    ps. I love this outfit!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey if you're going to be in NYC for fashion week, you should come check this out!

  5. This outfit is so pretty!

  6. love the dress and scarf dear, you look wonderful!

    and thanks for your lovely comment, im following now :)


I will do my best to return comments and follow your blogs as well!

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