Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello my lovely readers! Sorry about my absence yesterday. I was out during most of the day and then by the time I was able to take photos it was too dark! I had a sweet dress picked out to wear today but I decided to go ice skating so I chose to wear jeans instead! Although this outfit is quite boring it is perfect for skating. The jeans are stretchy and comfortable and I layered long sleeve shirts under my lace cardigan! I also wore my lovely hounds tooth scarf! I am already stressed about packing for school and I have almost 5 days to finish packing. Does anyone else have problems packing? My problem is that I have way too many clothes, scarves, tights, gloves, hats, and shoes! :)


  1. I love that lace cardigan!
    However simple, it's still a cute outfit :)

    x Courtney

  2. I just love the lace detail on your cardigan and the colour.
    I used to love ice skating, I haven't done it for years.

  3. I love this! Your style is impeccable, darling.


  4. i have the same cardi ! I cant seem to find anything that looks right with it, but your outfit looks great !


  5. I can totally relate to your problems with packing! I'm very indecisive when it comes to packing :)
    I love the lace cardigan, it's very cute! Great boots too!


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