Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Another boring day hanging out at school. Classes start tomorrow which I am a tad excited for just so that I have something to do. I have cleaned everything and organized everything and I am just hanging out for now. I wore a super comfortable outfit today because it is freezing rain outside and I do not plan on leaving my room. I have not worn these liquid leggings in forever I wore them over a pair of plain tights to keep my legs warm. Its nice because my legs are warm yet they are very comfortable. I also wore my oversize cozy grey swearer with my purple scarf. I hope everyone in the Northeast is staying and warm and for all of those in warm locations I am so jealous of you! Thanks for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Cardigan - Old Navy, Leggings- Wet Seal, 
Boots- Burlington Coat Factory, Scarf- Unknown, White top- Forever 21)


  1. I love this sweather, you look very nice :))
    follow me if you want :)

  2. oooh classes D: I didn't want to go to school today :P you look very pretty :) love the leggings

  3. I completely love your cardigan- you look so cosy! The purple scarf looks lovely against it. You're so tidy- wish my bedroom was as tidy as that!xx


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