Monday, December 14, 2009

Closet Cleaning.

This past weekend while I was home I cleaned and rearranged my closet. It was def. time. I absolutely love my closet but I wanted to mix it up a little and make it look much neater. Of course I kept some things where they were and changed others. I split up my clothing and accessories into different categories. On the right hand side of my closet I keep my dresses and shirts. I have them in order according to color and sleeve length. On the left hand side of my closet I keep my sweater/sweatshirts/jackets and my pants/shorts/skirts. I have two small two drawer dressers that I keep plain shirts, pj's, and undergarments in. On top of the dressers I have bins that hold my hats/gloves/scarves, tights, leggings, and such. I also have my belts hung up on the inside of my closet and my shoes neatly organized on a shoe rack. Within the room that my closet is in I have a mirror that I use when I get dressed and my hats, scarves, and bags are hanging on hooks around the room. I also hang all my heavy winter coats on the back of my door. :)

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