Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wintertime Dress.

Today I wore a summer dress that I got on sale at the end of the season at Target. I love this dress because it isn't JUST a summer dress. It can be worn in the winter too! And that is exactly what I did today. I paired it with a black sweater, black tights, and boots! All I had to do was throw on my pea coat and I was out the door. It looks cute and it makes my legs look super long! Like I think I have said before, don't throw your summer dresses into the back of your closet. Put them on with lots of layers (my favorite winter time word)! Yes layers layers layers. You can wear a shirt underneath or a sweater or jacket on top! And if it is reallly cold wear knit tights, a scarve, and gloves! The goal here isn't to cover the dress but to match basics with it to make it really stand out in the gloominess of winter. So.. give it a shot! :)

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