Friday, December 10, 2010

Dior oversize sweater.

I am in love with this oversize Christian Dior sweater that I found at Goodwill! The sweater is a large making it quite oversize on my small figure. I can think of tons on possibilities for this sweater in the upcoming cold months. It was wonderful today over a striped turtleneck with a scarf and a pair of cozy leggings. I for see a bunch of comfortable looks for the next few days until I make my way home. It is always nice to dress comfortably for studying and for taking finals. Also the weather does not help we are expecting an enormous storm Sunday night. Hopefully it won't be too bad! 

I am not a big fan of following rules of fashion. I think that anyone should be able to wear what they want to what they think looks good whether it is in style or not. The key is to dress confidently. I wish I could wear more mismatched crazy looks but I always decide to dress practically while at school. Especially since the weather is never very good and I do a lot of walking. I love the styles of Alexa Chung and Lori Goldstein and I would truly love to wear awesome looks like they do. I think my style is evolving more and more with each day. Thank you for reading! :)

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