Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Stripes.

I wore jeans today (boring, I know) because I had to do some major unpacking. Unpacking included doing the tons of laundry I brought home as well as cleaning my room before I could put things away. I still have a lot of work to do as far as Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, going to work, unpacking, and much more! Besides for  wearing my favorite jeans from H&M I wore a striped shirt which I left home all of first semester. The stripes went perfectly with my gold cardigan and my purple paisley scarf. I would definitely consider this look a dressed down outfit. I have so many nice looks I want to wear but I have nothing to do but sit home and go to work. I think I will start dressing up a tad more. Of course its hard because I always find myself doing things like cleaning or baking which require me to wear a dressed down look. Well enough of my rant! Thanks for reading. :)

(Outfit details: Top- Heritage 1981, Jeans- H&M, 
boots- Olsenboye, Cardigan- Target, Scarf- Unknown)

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