Thursday, December 30, 2010

Red Lion Inn.

As usual my grandparents took my cousins and myself to the Red Lion Inn in Massachusetts for a nice lunch. Today my brother tagged along since my older cousin is out of town for the week! It was fun we ate good food and took a bunch of funny photos around the Inn. My favorite photos are the ones we took with the lion head (you can ignore my crazy face) and also the ones we took in the phone booths. I tried really hard to get a few decent shots of my outfit but only a few came out okay. I wore a green striped dress with a new black sweater which I recently purchased from Target. I actually found it in the children's department (love those prices)! I also wore a new pair of brown boots which I have been dying to wear for a while now. They have a heel and I do not particularly like to wear them while I am out and about or at work! But I hope you had a great day and thank you for reading! :)

(Outfit details- Dress- Target, Cardigan- Target,
Boots- GoJane, Scarf&Tights- Unknown)

Phone booth Photo

Amanda & I in the Phone Booths!

The cat who lives at the Inn his name is Simon.

Myself, making weird faces.

My brother & I hanging out.

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  1. very cute boots, and that cat is adorable!

    happy new year


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