Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It is so gloomy and gross outside. It is a tad on the warmer side today which is nice because I was able to take my time taking a few different photos. I wore a comfortable yet chic look today for a day filled with shopping. I decided to wear basic black leggings and a dress because it is easy to change out of yet I am able to try on tops with my leggings rather than trying on tops with just a pair of tights! I also love this dress because it gives a great pop of bright pink but is still very comfortable. I also wore my favorite grey cardigan with a fun tiger print detail. Of course I had to throw on a scarf as well because I always feel naked in the winter without one! And my grey boots bottomed off the outfit. Unfortunately the boots have holes in the soles but I refuse to throw them out until I find a sufficient pair to replace them! I hope you are doing well and thanks for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Dress- Unknown, Cardigan- Forever 21,
 Boots- Charlotte Russe, Scarf- Unknown, Leggings- Target)


  1. I hope you get a new pair of boots soon! maybe you get lucky in sales. :)

  2. Omg thank you for your post. I kind of suck at commenting but I always read everything, so I will do it more often as well! It is so awesome you have snow! I wish we could have some here :( lovely outfit by the way! And keep wearing those boots! I do the same with mine :P

  3. Thanks for following dear! I love the print of your sweater :) hope you are staying warm with all that snow!

  4. Love your cardigan so much! Oh and how I know so well of the refusal of throwing out shoes no matter how dreadful the condition they're in! ♥


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