Friday, July 8, 2011

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to want these really badly? They might be slightly ridiculous for me to wear to any events around here but I can't stop thinking about how bad I want these shoes. I need to someway come up with several reasons to justify why I should purchase these shoes. I tried them on last week at DSW and they are more than comfortable they look chic (to me) and they are versatile (in my mind.) Any words of advice? I have been telling everyone about them. They are slightly out of my price range but not too far out of reach. Thank you Steve Madden for driving me crazy with these shoes! Do I wait til they go on sale? Or do I forget them completely if I don't know what ill wear them to? Or do you think I can get plenty of use from these shoes? All questions I have been pondering for the past week! 


  1. of course you get them!! they're black so they will go with a lot and that type of wedge is not only in style right now but also very comfortable as high heels go...I don't think you can go wrong

  2. These shoes are amazing - I say deffo buy them!! You will be able to wear them with denim, anything due to the style and color and as a previous poster said wedges are the best kind of heel in terms of comfort :)

  3. Love these, they're really cute!


  4. Hi Sara,
    I love these shoes, I definitely think you should get them ;)

  5. Wow, stunning shoes :)))

    LOVE minnja

  6. reading this way past...i hope you got them. if not GO. Go now....


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