Saturday, January 2, 2010

Black tee.

We are getting so much snow today! It looks very pretty but I do not want to go outside. Because I am stuck in my room I decided to go comfy. I am wearing a pair of jeans from Target and a plain black long sleeved t-shirt. Everyone should invest in a long sleeve black tee. I am saying this for several reasons:

1. Looks nice on a cold day when you want to just lounge around.

2. Can be worn with any type of jean.

3. Looks great with many different types of skirts.

4. Can be layered very easily.

5. Can be worn under most dresses.

6. Looks great paired with a ton of chunky jewellery

So now you can see my many reasons why I love my black tee. Everyone always talks about the plain white tee but I don't think the black tee is much different. Don't get me wrong I have a white tee too. But I don't think the black t-shirt is getting as much respect as it should! I figured I would show you a few ways I like to wear my black t-shirt! :)

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