Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am TERRIBLE at packing. I never know what I am going to want/need while I am at school. Every time I go back and forth I think that I don't need to bring that much and then end up with a car full of bags and other stuff. This is what I have this time back to school:
1. Small suitcase of clothes.
2. Large suitcase of clothes.
3. Crate of shoes.
4. Boot bins/organizational crates.
5. Bag of food.
6. Bag of food.
7. Bag of food.
8. Bag of textbooks/book bag.
9. Bag of misc. items.
10. Bag of hats and scarves.
11. Bag of gloves and tights.
12. Bag of hangers.
13. 2 pair snow boots.
14. Jewellery container.
16. Hamper full of blankets/sheets.
17. Purse.
18. Laptop bag/tech stuff.
19. Brother & mother.
20. Cousin (possibly)

YES! It is everything I need for school. I don't know how I gather so much stuff. But it'll be nice to have everything with me! :)

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