Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Its the end of my sophomore year and I just discovered this tiny little spot on campus. My campus is very small but I never realized that this little sitting area was here. It is a great place to take photos. It was very windy today and the sun was shining very bright. I decided to wear a little polka dot dress which is navy. I rarely wear navy because I prefer to wear colors that pair with black better. But I could not resist purchasing this dotted dress. I wore the dress with a little mustard color cardigan and my white sandals. I love dresses like this because they are perfect to just throw on when it is warm outside. The sleeves make it less likely to have to pick a sweater out to wear it with since the shoulders are covered. The zipper detail in the front is very sweet and gives the plain dress a little more interest. Thanks for reading, I am only four posts away from my 500th post. :)

(Outfit details: Dress- Olsenboye, Sandals- Unknown, Cardigan- Target)


  1. beautiful photos! that dress is a wonderful classic piece that you will never grow tired of. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Miss Influenced

  2. love this polka dot dress!!! and i so get it-i thought i wanted to go to school for fashion design at one point. and interior design and law school lol.

  3. your dress I love.. polkadots are the best.

  4. Love the dress!! that zipper in the front is so pretty!


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