Monday, May 23, 2011

Electric City Couture.

The event flyer.

Colleen Curtin wearing my design and myself wearing Joleen Button.

Hello everyone! I understand that I put up two photos from the show in my last post but I wanted to do an entire post dedicated to the show. I don't have too many photos but I figured I would show you a few more than I did before. My design which my friend wore was based upon the musical In The Heights. The dress is made from recycled materials such as newspapers and trashbags. I created the bodice by weaving newspapers and the skirt from a trash bag. I also created accessories out of lottery tickets and a bag from weaved newspapers and lotto tickets as well! I hope you enjoy and I hope that the weather gets nicer so I can post some more fabulous outfit photos! :)


I will do my best to return comments and follow your blogs as well!

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