Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain Days.

Nothing is more depressing than looking at the extended forecast and seeing rain for the next 10 days. Thankfully today amongst the rain there was a short break where I could step outside and take my photos without getting drenched. I am finally home for summer and you can bet that you will see many more outdoor photos on the blog most likely in the same setting as today which is right off of my side porch. I decided to wear one of my floral dresses with boots. I am not a huge fan of wearing boots with dresses unless I have tights on. It is fairly warm still so I decided to take the plunge and wear the dress without tights. Surprisingly, I really enjoy the look. Thanks to my new followers and for stopping by today to read my posts. :)

(Dress- American Eagle, Cardigan- Target, Boots- Olsenboye)


  1. The rain is getting me down too :( You look adorable though...love the boots with that feminine dress!

  2. Your dress is adorable! And I simply love your hair! I get a bit down about the weather sometimes too, winter is definitely not my favourite seasons! (Scarfs and coats can only be fun for so long!)



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