Wednesday, May 4, 2011

End of the semester.

The end of the semester is always the busiest time for me. With endless amounts of classwork and studying for finals it is hard to find time to do anything else besides eat and sleep! I try to take short breaks here and there but I really just want to get everything done with. I managed to take a few quick photos thus morning of my comfy study outfit. I wore my plain paris tunic with a lace cardigan and leggings. Boring I know, but perfect for running to class and studying! Of course it has to be raining today as well. That's life! :)

(Necklace- Goodwill, Cardigan- Target, Tunic- Goodwill, Boots- Olsenboye)


  1. This outfit is anything but boring, and I love that necklace!! Good luck with finals!

  2. loving the cardi and that super cute necklace



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