Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chic love.

I love Chictopia so much! It's a great site to share your fashion styling creativity. I love posting my photos and getting wonderful positive feedback on my looks. The shorts I wore today were a Chic Reward I redeemed. These shorts are a wonderful addition to my wardrobe because they are unlike my others. They are a tad oversized which is great for tucking in tops and layering. Also, the light pink color is great and different from the mainstream denim and black shorts I own. I really loved that these shorts were work appropriate which is perfect on a hot summer day when I don't feel like wearing a dress or jeans to the library. Well enought about the shorts which are by the way from Zara and on to how I styled them. I decided to go simple with a crisp new white t-shirt from Target. I also wore a patent leather belt and sandals. I hope to go a little more on the crazy side next time I wear them with some more exciting accessories. I got new followers which I am very happy for but I am a bit sad because I lost some fans on facebook! Feel free to view my fb fan page here! :)

Over 14,000 views. Wow! :)

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  1. yay for 14,000 views!! and what adorable shorts, they look great on you!!


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