Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clean green.

It is so nice to wear a fresh clean green dress after a long weekend if being dirty and smelling like smoke at camp. There are many things I love about this dress. First off I love the cut. The sleeves are awesome, the neck line so different, and the legnth is spectacular. Beisdes the cut the color is perfect. Not many items in my closet are green and this is the perfect dress to wear on a hot but not so sunny day. I also wore my tan sandals which I haven't work in a while. The tiny heel on the sandals reminded me of how much I want to start wearing my heels more often. They are just so fun to wear and they look great. I hope you have a fantastic day! :)


  1. fantastic shoes and cute dress! you're adorable

    xxx Charlie - your newest reader ;)

  2. I just went camping! I know exactly what you mean about smelling like smoke. All, and by all, I mean ALL, my clothes smelled like smoke and it was horrrrible. I love your dress! You look so feminine and sweet;)


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