Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Deals on wheels.

I am so excited because I got so many great deals at Goodwill today. I even bought two pairs of shoes. I cannot wait to show you all of my exciting finds! I purchased a pair of heels never worn and a pair of denim Keds for less that $10 for both pairs! I also bought a dress and some great tops!

Todays look consisted of something cool and easy. I wore a tank dress which is a wonderfully blue and purple combination. I love the length of this dress because it makes my legs look super long. Another great thing is that it isn't very tight so its loose fitting making it super comfortable. I also wore my lovely white shoes which I have had forever and still absolutely love. They make any look twice as chic.

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  1. that dress looks lovely on you! and you look such long legs, you should be a model!

  2. You put all your sneakers away for the summer? Haven't seen any in a while. All I wear is sneakers, I am not a big sandal fan, they give you no support.

    Very cute dress.

  3. I love that you are able to make such great matches and not forget about what you look like as well. I find it refreshing that someone as young as you is able to actually take things and make them look great, rather than most girls your age tend to just want shorter and shorter and just look skanky, you are the opposite and I love the outfits you put together and the colors you find to wear!

  4. Post pics of the keds you found!


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