Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today I wore a new pair of corduroy pants I just purchased. I bought them because I wanted more pants and was sick of wearing jeans all the time. I chose the dark purple color because I thought they would look great with my black boots. Today I matched them with a black scarf I have had for a few years. I bought this scarf from H&M. It was fairly inexpensive and it is large which I like because it will keep my neck warm! So if you are looking for some inexpensive clothing to purchase for the winter months check out forever 21 and H&M. And if you are stuck in the middle of no where with nothing but a walmart (like me) they have a great selection of hats and gloves to keep you warm!
I hear it might snow later up here in the Northeast so if you live up here try to stay warm! :)

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