Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My mother is taking me to the mall today! When going to the mall to go shopping you must make sure you wear proper shopping attire. You may have never thought of this but wearing the right type of clothes will make shopping much easier. I decided to go with a black cami, jeans, a cute sweatshirt, and boots. Of course if you are shopping for a particular item such as a dress you may want to wear a dress that is easy to get in and out of for ease of trying on. If you are shopping for shirts wear jeans. Also if you are shoe shopping make sure you wear socks with boots, or flats and bring socks. It is very important to keep in mind what you will be wearing because more than likely you will be taking it on and off in the dressing room. I usually wear a cami with a zip-up sweatshirt when looking for shirts. Therefore I can slip off the sweatshirt and be ready to try on shirts in seconds. Also, keep your heavy jackets in the car it isn't fun lugging them around the mall. :)

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