Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New boots.

While in the city we stopped into the Manhattan mall to look in strawberry's and charlotte russe. Unfortunatly, we were very hungry and a little crabby so we didn't take the time to take a good look in both of these stores. But, I did walk out of the mall with a new pair of boots from Charlotte Russe. They happen to be the same as my favorite black suede boots but this time in gray. I've wanted gray boots for a while now because almost all my boots are black and I wanted another basic color that will go with alot of items in my wardrobe. I am not a big fan of brown so I decided to go with gray. I absolutly love these boots and they will keep my feet warm in the cold weather!

Remember today is Veterans day. Take the time to thank a veteran for all they have done to help our country. Happy Veterans Day! :)

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