Friday, October 29, 2010

Comfy Chic.

Today I wore a truly comfy chic look. I started by choosing a jersey gray dress that is I think one of the most versatile dresses in my closet. I then chose to wear my black leggings and boots. I also threw on my pink cardigan for a pop of color. So comfy yet with a few necklaces to dress it up I think everything came together quite well. I layered m favorite pouch necklace from Aldo Accessories with a mixed bead necklace from Target that also has a splash of pink in it. Thanks for reading and a big thanks to all my new followers! :) 

Just a sneak peek of the one outfit shot I took yesterday and neglected to post! It was the only shot and didn't come out to well. I know some people (my mom) are always curious as to what I wore when I don't post it! 


  1. Cute outfit! Sometimes the comfiest outfits are the best (or at least that's my way of seeing it!). (:

  2. You look so sweet in that pink knit! :) The necklace bag is great eye catcher and very unique. Lovable!


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