Thursday, October 28, 2010

The perfect fit & Old soles.

It was way too windy today to take photos outdoors. I am sure that my tripod would have blown over if I had attempted to push my way through the wind and into the woods to take a few shots. Instead I figured this would be the perfect moment to share with you a few photos from last weeks trip to the museum! I saw two exhibits at the Albany Institute of Art and History the first was titled 'The Perfect Fit' and the second 'Old Soles.' Both exhibits were really cool but I especially liked the first one. The first exhibit was basically a bunch of really cool shoes made from different mediums or shoes molded in to different sculptures. The Old Soles exhibit was more of a 'history of the shoe' sort of display. I enjoyed both and I want to go back and visit again over Thanksgiving break. I had a really hard time choosing photos to show you so I chose a ton I hope you are okay with that! :)


  1. wow, what creative shoes.xx

  2. thanks so much for following my blog!!! you have a great blog yourself!!!


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