Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little early for Halloween.

I somehow ended up wearing Halloween colors today. With my orange scarf and black tights I had a perfect Halloween ensemble. Not sure why I didn't wait for Sunday but I am sure i'll pick something else Halloween themed to wear on Sunday. Snapped a few photos today before my first class. I like not having class until 12. It is so nice to have Golf over with.

I wore a grey patterned dress today and a DIY scarf that I made last fall. I also wore my black tights and flats because it was super warm out today and I didn't even really need to wear a jacket. It was so nice. I think they are just trying to tease us before it snows again! My main focus behind this look was to incorporate fall colors and wear something comfortable for an easy going warm day of studying and relaxing. Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. Oh your hair is shorter since I visited your blog the last time, looks really good on you! So fresh and French :)
    Cute dress too!


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