Monday, October 18, 2010

Where is my horse?

I accidentally dressed like I belong on the equestrian team today. I realized that once I put the boots on it instantly looked like I should go outside and mount a horse. It was super windy today so I apologize for my hair being everywhere in most of my photos. I think if I was riding a horse to class today the wind would have knocked me off. I was told all day that I looked like I was ready to get on my horse. I didn't really care too much though because I was super comfortable. I have been slacking all day and I really need to get some work done. I took lots of photos today so I hope you enjoy!

I wore my new corduroy leggings courtesy of Hue. They are super comfortable. I layered a bunch of shirts and my long black cardigan on top to keep warm! I wore a red long sleeve tee under two tanks one black and one white! Also for a change I wore a different pair of earrings. I feel like I have so much jewelry that I rarely wear and I am trying to change that. I need to mix things up a bit! :)

(Outfit details: Leggings- c/o Hue, Boots- Olsenboye for JCP, 
Red long sleeve tee- Forever 21,  Black tank- JCP, 
White Tank- Walmart, Black cardigan- Target)

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  1. SJ! I love this outfit, the earrings are awesome and the leggings are simply fabulous!!

    I also love your pictures for today, you look stunning. Your hair in the wind is sooo awesome!

    <3 CC


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