Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy days and crazy ways.

Had quite the crazy day today. In fact, I had quite the crazy week. Been feeling up and down all week but everything is good now except for the fact that I have tons of homework that still needs to be done! I am going home next weekend for family weekend (yipee!) to see my family and also because I am in a fashion show next Sunday. I can't wait. I just need to make it through this week! I have a lot to look forward to during the week except for the paper and speech I need to write. 

Today I wore a comfy cozy outfit for a Sunday filled with hanging out and homework. I wore my black boots and leggings for comfort. I also wore a new tunic top and my over-sized sweater! I threw on a scarf for extra warmth. I hope everyone has liked the extra large photos I have been posting. I feel like with these outside photos it is nice to have them large so you can see the scenery. I have also been attempting to take more of a variety of shots. Of course I am always in a rush so I just end up standing there anyway but I have been trying to get better! Thanks for reading! :)

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