Sunday, October 24, 2010

On the Runway.

Today I modeled in a fashion show for Domestic Violence in Latham, NY. It was a ton of fun getting dressed up in hair and make-up as well as being able to work the runway. Modeling is my favorite thing to do for fun. I always feel so fearless on the runway and it always makes me feel positive. 

In todays show I wore a Lady Button design. My brothers girlfriend and my very good friend Emily who you see in some of the photos wore a gorgeous dress made by Jenn Dugan. We had lots of fun taking pictures while waiting to go on. It was quite the long day getting there at 10AM and then not getting out until almost 5PM. I came directly back to school after leaving the show after a quick dinner. 

So I know I told you yesterday that I would put my photos up from the museum but I am going to wait until during the week. If I have a day of bad photos this week than I can add the museum photos to help make a better post! Hope everyone had a good weekend! :)


  1. SJ! I LOVE THE HAIR, especially curled, how chic!! I love it all! :)
    <3 CC

  2. you are absolutely stunning, and i love reading your blog!!!

  3. i love the dress!
    follow me at

  4. Love your hair very simple et chic outfit!

    xo Nikki


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