Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lacking and slacking.

I was a slacker today and I didn't take photos. I had quite the busy day and I wore a fairly boring outfit anyway. Instead of showing you some pointless photos I decided to show you a video I made. When I was home last I made a sort of "how to" video on how to tie a head scarf the way I do. I have been getting so much positive feedback on my posts when I wear a headscarf. So if you were curious here is a video on how I do it! Sorry about the bad quality I hope to made a better one soon! :)


  1. Well done! Do you have that down to an art? Or did you have to do a few takes before getting a perfect vid? Love the soundtrack you picked fo rit, seemed to fit the color of the wrap well! :-)

  2. great video! You should definitely keep this up, make more :)


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