Monday, October 4, 2010

Darker than day.

My apologies for not posting yesterday. It was a travel day for me as I returned back to school. Once I got here I had a ton of unpacking and then loads of homework that I should have finished while over break. I have a big test in my western civilizations class tomorrow. After tomorrow I should have a short break from intense school work. Hopefully the weather brightens up too!

I wore a very dark outfit today. I need to wear something bright tomorrow to make these rainy days not seem so bad. Today I layered black tights and a white long sleeve t-shirt under a blue ruffle dress, black scarf, and grey sweater. I love this grey sweater because of the flowy piece of cotton attached to the hem of the skirt.

I wore my new boots today. They are from the Olsenboye collection at JCPenney. The Olsenboye line was created by the Olsen Twins. I absolutely loved their selection of boots and I hard a hard time choosing between three pairs of different heights. I chose the tallest pair available that didn't have a heel. The zipper detail on the outside is very nice because I was looking for something with a little silver in it. My other leather boots have gold buckles and I wanted something that was just the opposite.

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  1. really like your outfit, looks super comfy! cute boots too.


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