Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Conquer the cold.

Again I decided to conquer the cold today and trek into the woods to take photos. It wasn't as cold as yesterday but still on the chilly side of course. I didn't have to wear such a heavy jacket as I did yesterday. Today I was able to wear a long sleeve black tee under a print tank top. This gave my arms extra warmth under my brown bomber jacket. I threw on a pair of thick socks under my oxfords to keep my feet/ankles cozy warm. Also of course had to wear a scarf my favorite winter accessory.

I wore a new pair of Jake Jeans today. This pair is nice because they are unlike anything I have with the beige stitching along the seams and around the pockets. They went well with my beige scarf as well. The fit is perfect. They are skinny but not too tight around my legs. Below are some close up photos of the jeans! Thanks for reading! :)

(Outfit details: Jeans- Jake Jeans, Black tee- Unknown, Print tank- Target, 
Scarf- Unknown, Jacket- Target, Shoes- Target, Socks- Unknown)


  1. Hey, very good looking jeans! You have so skinny legs, so they look very nice on you. :)

    Are you a dancer or something like that? :D I have thought about that when I have looked your pics - you look so elegant when you jump in your pics. (:

  2. you look so gorgeous girl! i love the jeans on you too, they do fit you absolutely perfect! and i LOVEEEEEEE YOUR HAIR. sooo cute!!!

    thank you for the comments on my blog love, you're such a doll!


  3. The brown of the jacket is gorgeous - like yummy caramel :)

  4. Cute outfit! I love the colours in your top, with the tan of your jacket xxx


  5. love your jacket. Brown leather is always great!

  6. I just love the scenery in your pictures!


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