Monday, November 8, 2010

The joys of studying and snow.

My apologies for lack of a post yesterday. Studying for a major test is my number one priority right now therefore I am going to keep this short and sweet. Had to take photos inside again today because we received some major snow today. It was a blizzard outside all day! It is supposed to be in the 50's and sunny after tomorrow so you know that I will be able to take photos outside later on in the week. I can't wait until Thanksgiving break when I get to go home and take photos in different settings! I wore my favorite white lace dress today over blue leggings paired with a blue patterned scarf. My grey cardigan is my favorite winter time piece. I can throw it on over almost any outfit for extra warmth! Thanks for reading! :) 

(Outfit details: lace dress-Target, Cardigan- H&M, 
Leggings- Forever 21, Boots- Olsenboye, Scarf- Target)

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  1. I love that dress! It's so simple and looks great with grey knit. C: I have dreamed about lace dress since summer but I have had never time to sew one and I haven't seen a perfect one in stores either.


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